Introduction to the Orders of Self

​This course presents a map of self-transcendence designed to help us become the most complete human we can be.

Self-transcendence is a possibility for nearly everyone.

While the process of maturation may never end, we are compelled to mature only to the point that we are at about the same level as most of those around us. Beyond that point maturation becomes more and more difficult as it distinguishes us from others in our community. The Orders of Self is a map for guiding and illuminating our efforts at gaining greater maturity, especially beyond the limits of what our own societies define as “normal.” It is a map for going higher.

The Orders of Self is also a map of human experience that invites us to greater consciousness of what we already experience. The territory already exists but most of us don’t choose to go exploring. It is a map for going deeper.

Map of the Orders of Self

As with any good map, the Orders of Self can help us know where we are, consider where we might be, and determine what we might do to get there.

The map is a synthesis of several different relevant maps.

  • Dualism: the concept that the structures we experience as solid are constructed by two apparently opposing forces.
  • Dimensionalism: The observation that there are distinct but co-occurring realms of reality that are always present everywhere.
  • Developmentalism: the observation that everything that grows does so through stages which are hierarchical, sequential, and invariant.

When we put these three together we get a map that is informed and confirmed by literally hundreds of other developmental maps. We are looking for a map that is accurate, is current, and is simple enough to be useful while being complex enough to be helpful. The Orders of Self is intended to be just this sort of map.

Intended Audience: general public

What's included

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Mark Robinson