The Ten Disciplines

Coaching in the 10 disciplines of JustConflict. [The prerequisite is completion of JustConflict: Basic]

The development of a new capacity or ability requires practice. As the young musician on the streets of New York was told when inquiring of a native about how one gets to Carnegie Hall, it takes, "Practice, practice, practice."

We will have to practice if we are going to become masters at conflict resolution.

In this class I will introduce to you ten disciplines which I have found to be very helpful in mastering the skills of JustConflict. It is essential that you at least try each of these disciplines. Indeed it is only with persistent effort that you will find the benefits that they promise.  This class will have a structure much like the Advanced class with a meeting each week, assignments, and work in small accountability groups.

The Mindfulness Disciplines: the first five disciplines are practices which build simple awareness [click the title to follow the link].

The Practical Disciplines: the second five disciplines are techniques to be used in specific circumstance to solve problems and create a desired outcome.

Intended Audience: general public

What's included

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Mark Robinson